UNIQLO: Roger Federer-JW ANDERSON Collaboration Turn Classic into Modern


With the help of Roger Federer, UNIQLO’s Global Brand Ambassador, and renowned designer JW ANDERSON, the Japanese retail giant UNIQLO has released its newest collaborative collection. This line of sportswear and performance gear is a fusion of Roger Federer’s classic style with JW ANDERSON’s bold modernism.

The newest offering from UNIQLO is geared towards those who lead active and comfortable lifestyles by striking a balance between the gym and everyday life. On Monday, September 11, 2023, this set will be available in Indonesia.

Positive Reaction to the New UNIQLO Collection

“We’re thrilled to unveil our newest collection, a breathtaking effort between Roger Federer and JW ANDERSON. This new LifeWear design is a testament to the incredible chemistry between a tennis legend and a style icon. It has delighted Fast Retailing Senior Executive Officer and Head of UNIQLO Global Marketing Koji Yanai.

Furthermore, “while designing tennis apparel for this collection, we engaged in extensive discussions with Roger on how to create tennis clothing that is not only comfortable on the court but also suitable for everyday activities.”

J.W. Anderson was tapped by UNIQLO for his knowledge in sportswear and performance wear. To paraphrase what Yanai had to say about the new collection, “I believe that this new collection will offer choices that align with the daily styles of each unique individual.”

The Exciting Partnership of Jonathan Anderson and Roger Federer

Roger Federer and Jonathan Anderson were ecstatic and appreciative when they were award the UNIQLO collaboration. It has always been my intention to amass a set of clothes that is suitable for both tennis matches and regular life. I consider myself fortunate since Jonathan and I see things similarly.

“We aimed to make something that was both modern and comfortable, while also paying tribute to classic tennis,” he said. Jonathan is intelligent, imaginative, and uncomplicated. Collaborating with him on this series was a blast.

When requested to contribute to the collection, Jonathan Anderson said, “I overjoyed.” I find motivation in Roger’s play. We wanted to honour Roger’s fans by designing a collection of LifeWear that modern city dwellers who like classic fashion and relaxed fit can wear to actual matches. And then, we have created a lasting and ingenious work.

The Latest from UNIQLO and Tennis Stars Roger Federer and J.W. ANDERSON

The current collection is ideal for the active lives of Indonesians, which need regular adaptation to changing weather conditions. These innovative creations, co-created by Roger Federer and JW ANDERSON, provide high levels of comfort. It also have high levels performance during athletic endeavours while also allowing their wearers to look great no matter the setting.

This collection is ideal for those who want to strike a good balance between their love of sports and their love of fashion. Moreover, as it combines Roger Federer’s classic taste with JW ANDERSON’s bright and joyful hues.

Among the gender-neutral pieces in this collection are polo shirts, shorts, and other apparel from UNIQLO’s DRY EX line. And then, fleece zip-up jackets with contrasting chest pockets, easy-to-wear nylon pants with colourful side piping, high-quality lambswool crew-neck sweaters in bold hues and intricate knit patterns.