Michael Jordan Famous Sneakers have been a Huge Hit in the Market

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan shoes is the most expensive shoes ever. It happen after there auction off for $2.2 million, which is about Rp32.6 billion. The shoes are the most expensive ones ever bought.

When they first put these Michael Jordan shoes on the market, Sotheby’s thought they were worth between $2 million and $4 million. The fact that Jordan signed the shoes changed the value. This deal is a big deal for people who collect sports artifacts, especially Michael Jordan collectibles.

In 2022, Michael Jordan’s NBA finals costume went to sale for $10.1 million, which is about Rp149.9 billion. This made him the most expensive player in sports memorabilia.

Brahm Wachter, head of Sotheby’s Streetwear and Modern Collectibles, said something about this amazing sale. “The unprecedented success of today’s auction demonstrates that the desire for Michael Jordan sports memorabilia continues to soar.”

Who Broke Records

The most expensive Jordan shoes used to cost $1.47 million, which is about Rp21.8 billion. The deal broke all previous records. This record was set by Jordan’s Nike Air Ships sneakers in 2021, showing how popular they are still.

The basketball star made the Air Jordan XIII popular when he wore them during his last title season with the Chicago Bulls in 1997–1998. On Tuesday (11/04), both shoes put up for sale.

After Michael Jordan scored 37 points in Game 2 of the 1998 NBA Finals, these size 13 sneakers became a sign of how great he was. And then, he helped the Bulls beat the Utah Jazz 93–88.

For the fifth time, Jordan won the NBA MVP award. This win also gave him his sixth NBA title. The next documentary series, “The Last Dance,” will be about this win.

Because of their history, these shoes are heroes in the sneaker world. Sotheby’s said that after M.J.’s epic Game 2 win, he thanked the locker room ball boy by giving him a pair of sneakers for helping him find his lost jacket.

The Background of Michael Jordan Shoes

The “Bred” Air Jordans, whose name means “black and red,” are the only shoes that Jordan wore in the NBA Finals. Professionals who work for Sotheby’s checked them out. The first Air Jordan “Bred” came out in 1996.

Michael Jordan wore his famous shoes for the first time in 1984, his first season with the Chicago Bulls. And then, the next year, the Air Jordan I came out, which caused a huge stir. About 30 different styles made by Air Jordan, and each one adds to the brand’s history.

Jordan’s career is marked by six NBA Finals wins, two Olympic Gold Medals, and many other medals and prizes. A lot of people think Michael Jordan is one of the best players ever. He has had an effect on more than just basketball. Finally, he has changed sports, fashion, and most recently, sales for collectibles.